What We Do

Sweet and Fit caps enrollment at one hundred students. 

We emphasize the importance of weekly live classes

to provide feedback and instruction.


Sweet and Fit wants you to work out! Period.

We are a donation-only business. 


Suggested donation: 

$5.00 per class. 

$15.00 per Melt class.


Pure Pilates.

Mondays. 7:30-8:15.


20/20/20. Abs. Arms. Zone 2.

Mondays 8:30-9:30.

30/30. Weights for 30 mins, Cardio for 30 mins.

Wednesdays. 8:30-9:30

Barre. Combo of Pilates, yoga and ballet to tone your lower body.

Thursdays. 9:00-9:45.

Every 3rd week, Barre will be on Wednesdays.


Fabulous, fun cardio workout that tones your abdominals.

Thursdays. Every 3rd week of the month.


MELT - Level 2.

Nourish your body by working on your fascia. Create length, 

hydration and strength with this specialized class.

8 week series. Pre registration is required.

Enrichment Groups for Active Sweet and Fit Members

Book Club

Elder Care Support Group

Hiking Group